The TAFTA / TTIP Agreement: ‘Old’ and Unsustainable?

Published on The Transatlantic Colossus, Global Contributions to Broaden the Debate on the EU-US Free Trade Agreement

The TAFTA / TTIP agreement, if approved, will significantly intensify the economic cooperation and trade between two of the most developed and powerful actors of the world, the United States of America and the European Union. As such, it will modify the current political, but also economic scenario, and this in of the context of worldwide climate change and the overconsumption of natural resources. It could even lead to a new global paradigm. Saying this, the question is, whether it can be guaranteed that the TAFTA / TTIP agreement will be strong and sustainable in the medium and long term also from an environmental point of view. Or whether it will require more energy and resources and there- fore contribute to the future costs of climate change – and therefore be unsustainable.


Internet und Nachhaltigkeit

Published on Globalisierung im Schatten der Überwachung

Mann kann zweifeln, dass internationale und insbesondere interkontinentale Handelsabkommen nachhaltig sind. Kann das Internet hierbei für Ausgleich sorgen?.