Reuse and Innovation

phGiacomoBrini 2016_04_01 FactoryGrisù 4787I am currently looking for interesting examples in Europe of former military sites or industrial areas converted in spaces for innovation in favour of sustainable economy.
Do not hesitate to contact me!

Photo made by Giacomo Brini – Factory Grisù in Ferrara (Italy)


Startups and sustainability

I am currently busy carrying out research to find out which start-ups are interested in sustainability and what their strategies to promote a sustainable economy are. Do not hesitate to contact me!

Environmentally related conflicts in the Southern African region

Dear Colleagues,

I am collecting information on environmentally related conflicts in the Southern African region. I would also like to critically analyze conflict prevention initiatives in the region.

I have some questions:

1) Which are the most significant conflicts of this kind in the region? Could you describe one of them?

2) Are there conflict prevention initiatives related to them?

3) Which sources do you suggest I explore on these issues?

4) Do you have any interesting contacts that could be useful for this research?

5) Which institutions do you think are more involved in environmental conflicts and their prevention? Could you describe their activities?

I would like to thank you a lot for your help. Do not hesitate to contact me:

Yours sincerely,
Andrea Licata

Aree militari dismesse in Italia: problemi e prospettive

Aree militari dismesse ed in dismissione in Italia: questione complessa e di grande interesse. Facciamo il punto con il Prof. Francesco Gastaldi, che da anni segue il tema con impegno.
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Sustainability and Conversion: an interview with Susanne Heinke

Many thanks to Susanne Heinke and the Bonn International Center for Conversion for this really interesting dialogue.

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Esperienze di telelavoro: conversazione con Kate

Parliamo di telelavoro con Kate: di seguito potete leggere la nostra conversazione ricca di spunti sul tema.

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Internet and the Economy: interview with Lorenzo Fioramonti

You will find the following interview very interesting! Many thanks to Prof. Lorenzo Fioramonti.

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Sostenibilità, smart working e lavoro cooperativo: conversazione con Andrea Paracchini

Una nuova interessante intervista sul tema della sostenibilità, buona lettura e grazie ad Andrea Paracchini!

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Lavoro agile e sostenibile: conversazione con Raffaella Amoroso

Vi propongo una nuova ed interessante intervista sul tema del lavoro agile, grazie Raffaella!

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Internet and Society: An Interview with David Weinberger

I had the great chance to address some questions to David Weinberger on Internet and the current developments: read the interesting answers here!

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